GW Moniker Guiding Principles

GW and its agency partner Sullivan have received feedback from the university community about the direction of the new moniker. Based on that input, we have established guiding principles that will help us identify possible new names for the moniker. The guiding principles include themes from which the new moniker will be developed as well as personality traits by which suggestions will be evaluated.

GW community members who wish to submit possible names should reflect on the themes and personality traits to see if the suggested name aligns with these guiding principles:

  • Names must be related to at least one of the themes outlined below.
  • The themes are rooted in GW’s history, location, impact, and experience. 
  • The themes are driven by research and input from GW community engagement.




These are categories for inspiration that will keep the new moniker name options connected to the GW community’s identity.



  • Shaping the Future: As it develops young minds into leaders, doers, and thinkers, GW is shaping the future every day. 
  • Free to Be Bold: The GW community doesn’t know the meaning of the word “boring;” we’re too busy trailblazing to be worried about what’s expected or typical. 
  • At the Center of Power: The GW community is full of energy and drive that brings them to Washington, D.C. They come to GW to be changemakers on the world stage. 


The Moniker Personality

This is how the moniker should look, sound, and feel. The traits represent the GW community at-large and should be reflected in the new moniker options.



  • Tenacious: Ambitious. Resilient. At GW, we strive for success. We’ll keep pushing, keep learning, and keep moving the needle even if it’s only an inch at a time.
  • Electric: Energetic. Charged. Full of excitement and passion—our community and campus are always in motion.
  • Open: Approachable. Diverse. We’re as excited about new people as we are about new experiences, new ideas, and new ways of thinking. 


To learn more, please read the GW Today story

If you have questions about the moniker development process and how moniker suggestions will be evaluated, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.